In every industry there is competition. With customers being presented with a wealth of options how do you stand apart?

We’ve put together a few tips on how you can add enough value to the customer experience to create a meaningful and lasting relationship that puts you on top.

Anticipate Needs

“We’ve actually already started on that” is music to your customer’s ears – it means that instead of waiting, you’ve already thought of it and taken action. Think proactively versus reactively.

A great example of this is The Case of the Maze and the Reluctant Witness

Adjuster initiative is actually a quality we look for in all of the claims adjusters we hire. The men and women we employ are very specifically selected for their ability to push through all barriers to get the work done correctly and on time.

Go Out Of Your Way

No matter your organizations resources you can go out of your way to make your interaction a little more memorable. When it is 4:55 p.m. and a customer calls, answer the phone – even though you’d like to just ignore it, pack up and head home.

When a customer makes a slightly strange request, see what you can do to make it happen instead of just replying, “Sorry, I can’t do that. Its policy.”

Taking that extra step consistently is what puts a company above average.

Turn Feedback Into Action

When a customer mentions that you left out an important form, didn’t respond to them in a timely manner or that they were unable to reach someone to help with their problem, look at this as an opportunity.

Correct the complaint or acknowledge their suggestion and establish yourself as someone who will see it through. Then make it happen.

As you continue to improve, your customers will take notice and be impressed that you have put their feedback to good use.

One good way to do this is to analyze your online reviews. We consistently keep an eye on our Google reviews to ensure we are maintaining our reputation for getting claims done quickly, accurately and without any frustration.

In fact we currently have more and better reviews from real Examiners than anyone around!

Did these tips help you think of some ways you can go above and beyond for your customers? Let us know!

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