How many times have you as a claims professional, when looking over a report from an independent adjuster, become exasperated and frustrated by key pieces of information that were not fully explained or were simply omitted?

How many instances have there been when you wished an adjuster had taken the initiative and gone that extra step?

Well the best way to answer these questions is to cover a few of the qualities that make a good insurance adjuster.

Good Insurance Adjusters are Thorough.

A good insurance adjuster is practically a detective. They gather information and details to work out what happened in the incident. Sometimes they’ll have to collect police reports, witness statements, photos of the incident or damage. If needed, a good insurance adjuster will even interview everyone involved in an incident.

In one instance (The Case of the Uncooperative Witness and Stolen Street Signs) we even had an adjuster drive through a rough neighborhood with no street signs, asking everyone he saw until he was able to find the location of the building and the witness he needed to question!

Good Insurance Adjusters are Firm.

Along with data collection, there are sometimes countless interviews that will need to be done. And not every witness is cooperative. A good Insurance Adjuster will need to be able to hold their ground and get all the information necessary.

In fact, in The Case of the Maze and the Reluctant Witness our adjuster had a witness lie to his face about who he was! Luckily our adjuster was not deterred and got the truth about the man’s identity from a neighbor. When confronted with this information, the man finally confessed to being the witness!

Good Insurance Adjusters are Persistent.

You must agree that people tend to have busy schedules. So sometimes tracking them down can be a bit tricky. Good insurance adjusters will go to any length to make those meetings happen. It is not unheard of to meet off the beaten path or at hours not typical for a workday.

We even had an adjuster go through a lengthy pre-screening process to gain access to a Federal Reserve Bank!  Not only did he get to see entire rooms full of currency worth billions of dollars, he got the statement and completed the assignment!

The Case of the Unreachable Federal Reserve Employee

We have a very thorough process when selecting an Insurance Adjuster to add to the Churchill Claims team, and we take only the best!

If you’ve been caught with an adjuster that’s not living up to your standards, reach out to us at 877-840-6277, or send assignments directly to or submit them online.

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