With everything going on we know that there are people being sent home. We also know that not all of these people are able to do their work remotely. While some are, and this is fantastic for them, we wanted to share some ways to stay productive if you find yourself with some downtime at home.

These are all things geared toward putting you in a better place after all of this is over!

1)      Finish those books.

We can’t be the only ones with books sitting on our side tables. Get those books finished. Especially if they are business related; it’s said that Bill Gates reads 50 new books a year and if he can do it, you can do it. Expanding your knowledge will only increase your ability, so you can be top notch when you get back to work.

2)      Start a podcast.

You can start a podcast about anything and they are still relatively new. People will be home and looking for things to do, this is an easy way to provide some value to their life!

Here are some podcast ideas for inspiration:

  • Life in the Workforce – talking about what it’s like to be an American worker, tips on how to handle job interviews, write a resume, dress professionally, and interviews with workers in various fields.
  • Insurance adjusting stories – you can share funny, random, wild stories of a day in the life of insurance adjusters. You can even have guests on the show to share their experiences as well.
  • Books I’m Reading – talk about the books you’re reading, what you’re learning and how it’s helping you. Get suggestions from others on what books to read and have guests on the show talking about what they’re reading!

If you’re looking at how to get started, use Anchor! They help you create the podcast and distribute it for free.

3)      Pick up a hobby.

Now is the time to get creative! Always wanted to draw? Start! Looking to learn how to play the piano? Get some virtual lessons! Bonus on this one, you’ll be helping the economy by supporting artists who are being hit hard as they’re out of work.

4)      Clean.

This one may be less fun but a good thing to do nonetheless. Take this time to do a deep clean of your living space. We know we work better when the space around us is organized and clean. Blast some music, take a day and clean, clean, clean! Maybe get Marie Kondo’s book, life-changing magic of tidying up, to help you get started!

5)      Try Duolingo.

This is a great app to start learning a new language. You can do a bit each day at a very easy pace. Learn it now, so when you get to go on that incredibly inexpensive international travel you just scored, you’ll be prepared! Sign up here:

6)      Clean out your inbox.

Old emails piling up? Getting a lot of spam in your inbox? This is the perfect time to go through and delete all those unread, cluttered emails. Start unsubscribing to lists that you don’t need to be on anymore. This makes room for new emails and new work to come in!

Here are a few additional lists of things to do at home!
USA Today, 100 Things To Do While Stuck Inside
Apartment Therapy, 94 Fun Things You Can Do at Home, Anytime

We hope you are able to get started on some of these this week. And know that we are here working for you during this time. In fact below we have included a video from Melanie, our founder.

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