One thing is for certain and that is that things are always changing. As the world spins on to a future including more and more technology the insurance industry is moving quickly with it. Where before clipboards would be an independent adjusters best friend, it is now a tablet. Where before there would be hours of shuffling paperwork, now it is all sorted on the cloud for easy access.

How does this affect you directly? When you are working with a company or adjusters that are using the latest technology their process tends to be considerably sped up. Their ability to complete claims accurately and without delay is increased.

Here are a few examples of how this could be:

1) Tablets

Adjusters that use tablets are able to get specialized apps, create a detailed schedule, a high-quality camera, and even a flashlight all on one device. Whereas before they may have had to lug around a heavy bag with separate tools. Along with a faster inspection process their ability to enter information becomes much more streamlined. And no one will be stuck trying to decipher scribbled, rushed handwriting after the inspection.

2) Document Management Systems

Sometimes there is a LOT of paperwork, photos, computer documents all for a single claim. It can be quite intimidating. A good way to overcome this is to use a document management system. This helps insurance adjusters stay organized, and quickly refer back to a claim as needed with all the information in one place.

3) Thorough and Easy Assignment Submission Forms

Delays when it comes to getting an assignment started are no fun. It is best to have no time lost and this means having the easiest possible process to submitting a claim. Look for companies that make it simple. Here is a great example of this: Online Assignment Submission Form

Each of these examples show how quality and speed of delivery of claims can be improved through technology. However two of the most important tools the adjuster has in his arsenal have not changed: human intelligence and integrity.

At Churchill we strive towards being the complete package. We are already using the top technologies in our work, but our claims people go further with a high level of intelligence, great work ethic and integrity.

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