The insurance industry has been undergoing a period of technological transformation over the past 30 years, but rather than diminishing the value of industry talent this has elevated it.

At Churchill, we have likewise been on a digital journey for over 20 years, as adjusters have evolved from using pen and paper to working with computers and mobile phones, while advances in claims-related technology have greatly enhanced the ability to complete claims more efficiently and effectively for our clients.

How do we do it? 

Custom Technology

Our proprietary Claims Management System software was built by us from the ground up based on our decades of knowledge and experience. Our Supervisors and Adjusters use this CMS to manage everything easily and quickly. 

Nothing escapes the diary! And this ensures our reports are always delivered on time!

Tech Savvy Talent

All of our adjusters have been put through a thorough vetting process to ensure experience, competence and trustworthy adjusters. Additionally, each field adjuster is backed up by a fully dedicated administrative and technical support team to smooth the way. This ensures accurate and complete investigations and crystal clear and timely reports.

Our experience has been that every technical advancement implemented has helped get more done and done well. 

It shows in our work, our great reviews and the new examiners we get from referrals. 

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