When it comes to our Clients, our goal is simple: IMPROVE PERFORMANCE. While that sounds simple enough, we break that down into three parts.

Part One: Process Efficiency 

How many times have you, as a claims professional received a report from a claims adjuster with missing information or pertinent details? We take all of the steps to ensure that you get accurate, COMPLETE and detailed reports. How do we do this? Not only are our adjusters trained to overturn every rock to uncover every detail but, we have three different people check each report to make sure every fact and accuracy is there.

Part Two: Client Experience

We are set on WOWING our Examiners. When a claim is submitted, each report is in filled out depth so there are no questions to be asked and most importantly, we understand that time is money so each report is returned in a timely fashion. Never have to contact us to check on a claim due to lags. But, should you have to contact us for any reason, we are there! Email, Fax, Call or Website submission, you can rely on us to be available to provide the best experience you can have.

Part Three: Manage Claim Costs

We have the resources needed to research claims in depth and return them to you with accuracy and quickly! We employ Adjusters in all 50 states so no matter where you are, we’ve got you covered! Knowing that time is money, we won’t drag down a case, but will get it back to you in a timely fashion so every dollar that can be saved, is SAVED!

We take ALL the steps to make sure each of your claims is thoroughly investigated and completely reported. We will never turn in a report that is incomplete or unclear.

Multi-line adjusting.
Competitive and flexible rates.
Adjusters who work with pride and integrity.
Timely reporting.
Licensed, bonded and insured.
Efficient, fast and cost-effective.

Call us toll-free at 877-840-6277 for further information about our claims adjusting and investigation services.

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