Today is Earth Day so we wanted to take a look at how to make Churchill Claims a bit more sustainable. We’d like to share these suggestions and if there’s any you can implement, now is the perfect time to do it! 

1.) Set Up An Office Recycle Bin

Does your office provide snacks or are people bringing their own throughout the day? All that plastic can add up so there should be a community recycle bin! If there’s not, look at setting one up. 

And if you do have a recycle bin, look at putting up a set of labels to inform your co-workers what exactly can go in the recycle bin. Not everyone knows what things are recyclable so if you make it very clear for them, they’ll be more likely to do it.

2.) Use Coffee Filters Made of Recycled Paper

How many pots of coffee does your office go through in a day? A week? A quick Amazon search will pull up many options for compostable coffee filters! Health bonus, most of these don’t include unhealthy bleach or chlorine. 

Even better than recyclable coffee filters? A coffee maker that doesn’t use paper filters! 

3.) Set Computers to Standby Mode

Make sure all the computers in your office are set to standby mode. Setting it to go to sleep after being idle or 15 minutes will greatly reduce energy without having to shut the computer completely off. This is especially helpful for days when you know you’ll be periodically away from you computer. 

4.) Bring In A Desk Plant

Office plants are so beneficial. Not only do they look great, they can reduce carbon emissions as well as naturally purify the air in your office. 

Here’s a great list of plants that do well as desk companions: Top 10 Plants For Your Office

5.) Maximize Natural Light

Whenever possible, keep those shades open while at the office! Maximize your natural light and turn off the overheads. Not only will it reduce your energy usage, Harvard Business Review found that 70% of employees report improved work performance when working in natural light! 

Here are some additional resources and lists you can look into, if you’d like to take further steps to a fully green office:

Bevi – 30 Ways to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly For Earth Day

The Balance Small Business – Green Tips for the Office

Encouraging your employees to take eco-friendly steps at the office and in their lives is great for the environment, productivity, health and morale. It teaches them they can help be responsible for the office as a whole. We’ve seen that when people are given the opportunity to help, they will!

Are there any of these steps you can put in place today? Let us know what you’re going to improve in your office! 

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