No one likes to be frustrated, exasperated, and not get the results they’re looking for. Unfortunately this can also happen with adjusters and claims investigations. A survey was recently conducted by an independent market research firm in California to find out what insurance claims examiners need from independent claims adjusters. While the answers are not surprising, they do clarify what examiners and claims managers look (or hope) for. The results also tell an insurance adjuster just how he should conduct his business in order to satisfy his customer.

Some of these results included:

  • Investigations done right the first time.
  • Reliable adjusters who are technically savvy.
  • Reports that are easy to understand and delivered on time.
  • Availability and responsiveness.

If all of these were done examiners would end up with frustration-free claim investigations and would likely continue to use the adjuster for further work.

This market research also translates to helpful tips when looking for an independent adjuster.

Here are a few things you can look out for when hiring a claims adjusting company to know if it will be a good fit for you:

1. How easy is it to get in touch with them?

Can you easily find a phone number or email to reach out to them? Or do you have to go through a thorough Google search before finding a number that may or may not work? If it is not easy to get in touch with a company from the start, chances are it will not be any easier down the line!

2. Do they have any case studies?

Are you able to find cases they’ve worked before?  Are there any references or examples that show the claim will be handled correctly and completely the first time? 

3. If an independent firm – do they have an adequate roster of claims adjusters?

Does the company maintain and make available their roster and coverage?  It could be a look up map or a simple updated list.  Anything that makes sure you aren’t stuck waiting for a claim while someone scrambles to find an adjuster! 

If you cannot find these things readily, they probably are not the company for you. Fortunately, we’ve got these areas covered. Here are a few of the ways we have focused on making insurance claims completely frustration-free. 

1. We make it easy to be in touch! 

You can send assignments online here or email to or even fax to 866-800-0668. You can also always email and if you visit our website you can chat live with one of our team!

2. We have a multitude of case studies!

All of our case studies highlight the detective-level work our claims adjusters go through weekly. They have encountered all kinds of potential barriers and overcome them. Plus they make for a fun read! Check them out here.

3. Find an Adjuster on our site!

We have set up a tool for you to locate an adjuster on our site. This lets you know if we have somebody in your area (hint: We do!). And if you ever have a question, or want to double check, we are just an email, call, or chat away! Find an adjuster here.

Is there anything else you look for as a claims manager or try to provide as an independent adjuster?

And if you’re interested in how we can help you with a claim today we’re here to answer any questions. Please tell us if our blog sent you!