We’ve found it’s important to be staying up-to-date with the latest advances in technology. When we do so we can provide faster, more accurate, and more personalized service that leads to frustration-free claims.

New technology can help smooth the claims process in several ways, including:

  • Improved data collection
  • Faster processing times
  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Improved Customer Experience

Improved data collection

New technologies such as drones, satellite imagery, and sensors can be used to collect more accurate data about the extent of damage or loss. This allows adjusters to make more informed decisions about claim settlements and give the most accurate reports.

Faster processing times

Automating some of the more time-consuming tasks, such as document review and data entry speeds up the claims process and reduce the workload of adjusters.

Enhanced accuracy

New technologies can help adjusters to more accurately assess the extent of damage or loss, reducing the risk of underestimating or overestimating the claim amount. For example, virtual and augmented reality tools can help adjusters to visualize the damage more accurately.

Improved customer experience

If you’re wanting to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty you can learn a ton from simply paying attention to your online reviews. Negative reviews help you discover weak points in your company and strengthen them. Positive reviews let you know which things you’re doing above and beyond the rest.

We monitor our reviews frequently and have found that we have the best reviews, from real examiners around.

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