Have you ever hired a company to complete a project for you, only to later find they are incompetent and unable to do the job properly? We certainly have and we know all the frustration that comes along with it.

Here are a few guidelines you can follow to see if a company is trustworthy, and will get the job done and done right.

Always Check Reviews

Reviews can often tell you a lot about a company. Not only by what people are saying, but often the company under inquisition will respond to the review. You can check: have they taken the feedback positively? Have they responded in a negative way? This is valuable information and is something that should be considered.

Be Mindful of Their Response Time

Response time is one of the first impressions you will receive about the company and it’s usually an accurate one. If you notice that it takes just a tad too long to get back to you in the beginning how do you think it would be when you have questions or concerns? You’ll have your quick answer to steer clear.

Be Aware of Their Availability and Access

  • Do they have an easy contact form on their website?
  • When you call their number is it easy to connect to a live person?
  • Are your emails responded to quickly and thoroughly?
  • Bonus items could include website chat features or fax machines

Our mission since 2001 has been to provide examiners with frustration-free claims investigations. We do this by paying attention to the points mentioned above! For example you can call us toll free, fill out our contact form online, utilize the chat feature on our website, email, fax, mail a letter, send a carrier pigeon, etc. You can also check our Adjuster Locator page here.

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If you need a claim investigated from an honest, prompt and reliable company, we are here to help!

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