The term ‘customer experience’ refers to the entire journey a customer will take when researching, buying, and using a product or service. It also includes their impressions and perceptions of a business and their feelings about the interactions along the way. 

With this definition in mind, a frustration-free customer experience is a customer journey that is devoid of any mistakes, delays, or setbacks. 

As our mission is to provide examiners with frustration-free claims investigation we’ve done a lot of research in this area.

Here are a couple ideas you can apply to ensure your customers have positive, easy, seamless experiences.

Prioritize Customer Relationships

No matter the size of your company or how many clients you have, it’s important to personally engage with each customer.

Why? Because your customers are people first – and developing stronger relationships allows you to deliver more effective, human-centric customer service.

One way we’ve found to implement this easily is to be very accessible.

You can call us toll free, fill out our contact form online, utilize the chat feature on our website, email, fax, mail a letter, send a carrier pigeon, etc. You can also check our Adjuster Locator page here. And all of this is very easy to find on our website. 

This accessibility provides a frustration-free experience for examiners and claims supervisors because they know they can always reach us to check in on the status of a claim!

Request Customer Feedback (And Put It into Action!)

The best time to ask your customers about their experience is when it’s still fresh in their minds – a.k.a. as soon as possible!

You can learn a ton from simply paying attention to your online reviews. Negative reviews help you discover weak points in your company and strengthen them. Positive reviews let you know which things you’re doing above and beyond the rest.

We monitor our reviews frequently and have found that we have the best reviews, from real examiners around.

There are many more ways to create a frustration-free customer experience. By starting with these and implementing more as you go you’ll be unstoppable. 

If you’re curious how your claims experience can be absolutely seamless and frustration-free please reach out to us at 877-840-6277, or send assignments directly to or submit them online.

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