New tools and technology are continually changing the way we work but claims investigations is still fundamentally a people business.

Churchill has taken huge strides in the adoption of technology-enabled solutions such as:

  • Proprietary Class Management System software
  • User-friendly Adjuster Locater page
  • Internal technical support system for our adjusters 
  • Internal administrative support for our adjusters

These innovations have already made a big difference for our business and they will play an important role in the way we investigate claims long into the future. However, these solutions have been developed to enable, not replace, the services provided by our team of claims adjusters.

From our experience all the technology in the world could not replace an adjuster who is honest, unbiased and get their investigations done right the first time. And a tech savvy adjuster with all of these qualities is worth their weight in gold. 

All of our adjusters have been put through a rigorous vetting process to confirm experience and competence. This guarantees accurate and complete investigations and crystal clear and timely reports.

We know that Examiner and Claims Supervisors need the claims process to be frustration-free. 

And we’ve found that balancing the human touch with technological advancements is the magic key. 

It shows in our work, our great reviews and the new examiners we get from referrals. 

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