Communication is one of the most important issues in the workplace. Good communication helps everyone on the team feel heard and understood, and as a result, everyone benefits from a positive, encouraging and successful environment.

Speed of this communication is also an important factor. When everyone on the team knows who they need to be coordinating with and can reach those people quickly, your claim will move smoothly.

So what things can you do to help improve your internal office communication? Here are a few tips based on what we have successfully implemented.

Assess your current communication strategy

How can you improve something if you’re not sure what is holding you back? Every communication method such as email, telephone, messaging and in-person meetings, are appropriate for different forms of communication. We’ve all been to meetings that had they been done over email would have saved time. Make a list of your current internal communication methods and determine what’s effective and what isn’t. Go for reducing what isn’t working.

Make sure everyone understands who they are reporting to

Have you ever had an email sent to you that was not something you handle whatsoever? Save time by ensuring that this doesn’t happen with your team. The best time to do this is when the employee is on-boarding. Go over with them who they will be reporting to and what needs to be on those reports.

We’ve implemented this by using cream-of-the-crop seasoned adjusters as Supervisors to oversee claims every step of the way. Our adjusters “on the ground” know who to reach out to when submitting their findings. In fact we have a whole team of fully dedicated administrative and technical support staff for these adjusters that help the claims run smoothly.

Implement software

Many organizations these days have actually replaced or almost replaced email with collaboration tools and software that improves workplace communication. These tools streamline processes and collaboration between employees.

At Churchill Claims we’ve actually built our own proprietary claims management software from the ground up! This allows us to track the progress of claims easily and quickly. Nothing escapes the diary. And this ensures our reports are always delivered on time!

Find a good document management system

There can be a lot of paperwork, photos or computer documents that go along with a single claim. If you have a good document management system this will help your team stay organized and quickly refer back to a claim as needed with all the information in one place.

Here is an article with reviews of 10 Document Management Systems to help you choose.

Our experience has been that it all boils down to good communication and relationships with others. We are proud to have built a team of adjusters who can communicate well, honestly and quickly. This is what ensures our unbiased claims investigations are done right the first time and in a speedy manner.

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