When disaster strikes, your insureds depend on you to get their claims completed quickly. Sometimes, however, you might not be able to handle a claim. In these times, you need a resource that can provide complete, accurate and always on-time reports.

Here are a few signs you need assistance with a claim.

Too Many Claims, Not Enough Time

Typically your claims staff has no problem keeping up with your claims, but in times of greater disasters your adjusters may become overwhelmed. From fires to hurricanes that is the time to bring on some additional members to the team.

You Need Outside Expertise

A general adjuster is perfect for a majority of claims, but sometimes special knowledge and skills are required. When the claim is beyond your staff’s experience, a dedicated expert can help.

We have scoured the country for adjusters with experience in a wide variety of claims. From Auto to General Liability, Property Claims to Trucking Losses and more, we have a full roster of experienced, competent, proven and trustworthy adjusters ready to take on your claim.

Claims Out of Your Area

Sometimes an investigation needs to be done in a very remote area, outside of driving distance of your typical claims staff. Or in the case of a large-scale disaster, they will be spread thinly across the area. A claim is bound to come up in a location that lacks an adjuster.

This is the perfect time to bring on a helping hand.

We cover claims throughout the US. Our adjuster locator map lets you know if we have someone in your area (hint: we do!). Find an adjuster here.

(Your) Time is Money

The most valuable resource we have is time. Independent adjusters save valuable time by being available right when you need them. At a moment’s notice, we are able to provide adjusters to fill a coverage need.

We guarantee a great adjuster who will get it done right the first time. Our process includes:

  • A thorough adjuster vetting process
  • Every adjuster on our team works under an experienced Adjuster Supervisor
  • A Proprietary Claims Management software built by us from the ground up
  • Dedicated administrative and technical support for our adjusters
  • Inescapable diary tracking
  • Reports that are standardized and run through proofers
  • Ending with a Supervisor final technical review

If it is time to bring on some additional help, please reach out to us at 877-840-6277, info@churchill-claims.com or send assignments directly to assignments@churchill-claims.com or submit them online.

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