In a highly competitive insurance industry, there are several ways to stand out from the competition. These include:

  • Expertise
  • Relationships
  • Accessibility
  • Technology


It’s important for an adjuster to have extensive knowledge and experience in assessing and managing insurance claims. This allows them to navigate complex situations with precision, provide valuable insights and ensures complete and accurate investigations.

All of our adjusters have been put through a thorough vetting process to ensure experience, competence and trustworthy adjusters. Additionally, each field adjuster has a Senior Adjuster Supervisor and is backed up by a fully dedicated administrative and technical support team to smooth the way. This guarantees unbelievably crystal-clear reports that are always delivered on time.

Strong Relationships

Building strong relationships with clients is critical to being successful. Clients who trust and value your expertise are more likely to return to you for future claims.

You can learn a ton about how your clients feel about you from simply paying attention to your online reviews. Negative reviews help you discover weak points in your company and strengthen them. Positive reviews let you know which things you’re doing above and beyond the rest.

We monitor our reviews frequently and have found that we have the best reviews, from real examiners around.


Being responsive and accessible is important for building trust and resolving the claim as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’ve applied this in many ways. You can call us toll free, fill out our contact form online, utilize the chat feature on our website, email, fax, mail a letter, send a carrier pigeon, etc. You can also check our Adjuster Locator page here. And all of this is very easy to find on our website.

This accessibility provides a frustration-free experience for examiners and claims supervisors because they know they can always reach us to check in on the status of a claim!

Leverage Technology

Leveraging new technology to streamline the claims process improves the overall claims experience for examiners and stands out from competitors who are not using these tools.

Churchill Claims has stayed ahead of the curve with our very own proprietary Claims Management Software. This software was designed and built by us from the ground up. It enables our adjusters from all across the country to upload the data directly from their smartphones, tablets and laptops into our CMS. This saves time and assures nothing escapes the diary!

We strive to differentiate ourselves by developing expertise, building strong relationships, being as accessible as possible and leveraging technology.

If you’re curious how your claims investigations can be absolutely seamless please reach out to us at 877-840-6277, or send assignments directly to or submit them online.

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