From boardrooms to grocery stores, inflation is affecting everyone. The insurance industry is no exception. However, by applying innovative strategies we at Churchill have managed to maintain our pre-Covid pricing. Here’s how we’ve done it:

1. Custom Technology

Churchill Claims stayed ahead of the curve with our very own proprietary Claims Management Software. This software was designed and built by us from the ground up and helps us avoid paying for additional apps, programs or softwares.

It also enables our adjusters from all across the country to upload the data directly from their smartphones, tablets and laptops into our CMS. This saves time and assures nothing escapes the diary!

2. Ensuring Work Is Done Correctly (The First Time)

How many times have you as a claims professional, when looking over a report from an independent adjuster, become exasperated and frustrated by key pieces of information that were not fully explained or were simply omitted? This adds time and expense to get it redone which nobody wants. A great way to eliminate additional costs is to ensure that things are done right the first time. 

All of our adjusters have been put through a thorough vetting process to ensure experience, competence and trustworthy adjusters. Additionally, each field adjuster has a Senior Adjuster Supervisor and is backed up by a fully dedicated administrative and technical support team to smooth the way. This ensures complete and accurate investigations and unbelievably crystal-clear reports that are always delivered on time.

Use us and take advantage of our prices!

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