As we get ready to head to this years PLRB conference we thought we would share some of the actions we take to ensure a successful trip. Here are some of the best conference tips you can use to make the most of your time!

Have set objectives and goals for the conference.

What exactly are you looking to achieve in your networking? Are you trying to expand your client base? Need a service you’re hoping someone there can aid you with? Or maybe you’re just hoping to learn some new industry information. Identifying what your purpose is will help when deciding the sessions and panels you’d like to attend, who you’d like meet, and what you want to take away.

Start your networking before getting to the conference.

There is so much running online these days that a quick social media search can enable you to connect with other attendees before even arriving to the conference! The hashtag #PLRB for example has over one thousand posts! Spending some time each day going through the hashtags can lead to quality connections.

Let others know you’re going!

Send an email campaign, post to your social media. Use the hashtags for the event! In your post share what value you can bring to the conference and invite others to introduce themselves.

Get on the list for conference dinners, meet-ups and parties.

Research if the conference you’re attending has any side events happening. These are excellent opportunities to talk with others when they’re a bit more relaxed!

Some conversation starters:

  • “Where are you from?”
  • “How long have you been with (blank) company?”
  • “What has been your favorite session/speaker so far?”
  • “What are you most looking forward to at this conference?”
  • “Will you be attending other conferences so far?”
  • “I’m trying to improve (blank) – what are you doing, any tips?”

Follow up after the conference is over!

You should have a handful of business cards from your networking. Utilize these to follow up in the week after the conference. Generally, an email or at the very least a LinkedIn invite is acceptable. Summarize an interesting point from the conference and invite them to whatever follow up would be appropriate (call, coffee/lunch, etc.).

We will be at this years PLRB Conference at the beginning of March! Our booth number is #409.

Please come find us, say hi and let us know if this blog was useful to you!