When it comes to finding and building our team of insurance adjusters we don’t settle for just anybody. We look for the dedicated few who are fast, thorough and will go the extra mile to get the job done.

10 years ago we found Richard Park and recognized these qualities in him right away.

Currently working in the Austin, TX area, Richard Park has been a multi-line adjuster since 1989. While his focus has primarily been on liability claims he has an additional background in commercial and residential property.

His specialty is mechanical claims, i.e. heavy equipment/diesel/gas powered vehicles, either on-road or off-road, including their powertrains, suspension, braking and steering issues.

You can see him below, hanging out with his Ford F250 diesel pickup!

Richard consistently delivers exceptional service, leading to frustration-free claims investigations across the boards.

If you’re ready to work with vetted trustworthy and experienced adjusters across the United States please reach out today!

Contact us at 877-840-6277, info@churchill-claims.com or send assignments directly to assignments@churchill-claims.com or submit them online.

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