Property Claims Investigation

As an insurance company you are responsible for holding the security of others, and that includes preserving their properties when applicable. Now, the only reason you would ever call a company like Churchill Claims is if there is an incident that you need to investigate because something seems out of place in a claim. It is not unheard of for families and property owners to try and defraud an insurance company. People do it for all sorts of crazy reasons, and there is no way that you can predict when someone is lying or telling the truth without conducting your own investigation.

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Property claims are common for a number of reasons. People break things; people lose their wedding rings. Expensive electronics that people use for work go missing or get stolen all the time. These are hazards of life and are precisely why people obtain property insurance policies for their valuables. Because that is what they do: property insurance policies ensure that the object will be recouped or reimbursed, based on the valuation thereof in the event that an unforeseen incident occurs that irreparably damages or loses said valuables. We investigate those claims to make sure everything is on the up and up for the insurance company.



“You went above and beyond what was expected — great job.”

— Allstate Insurance


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Churchill Claims offers:

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  • Competitive and flexible rates
  • Detail-oriented adjusters with full integrity
  • Quick turnarounds on reports
  • Licensed and insured adjusters
  • Efficient, fast and cost-effective services

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