Casualty Insurance Claims

Casualty insurance claims, as you are definitely aware, cover many different aspects of insurance coverage. There is a lot of overlap between casualty, health, auto, no fault and life insurance policies. It is because of this that many insurance companies choose to write casualty insurance policies. This is where it can get tricky when dealing with a casualty claim.

It is often best to hire a company that has no vested interest in the outcome of the claim to help determine the best course of action in taking stock of the results of a claim.

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There are a few types of claims that are most commonly submitted and among those property claims are among the most abundant. Individuals and businessmen, as well as landlords have the ability to file property insurance claims. In essence, anyone who owns a property can file a property insurance claim when an accident or natural disaster occurs, with the result that the insurance company who holds the policy will determine whether or not to pay out on the claim in question.

Before any claim can be paid out, the insurance company investigates the claim to see whether or not the accident or event that instigated the claim meets the criteria listed in the policy.



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Tales of the Adjuster

This is a special section detailing some of the actual and unusual experiences that adjusters face on a day to day basis.


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